The Man with a Heart of a Lion

By Scott | March, 02, 2012
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March 2, 2012


The Man with a Heart of a Lion

Dedicated to a special person in my life


He's been battered, beat up, scarred and marred, this man I know with a heart of a lion.

The path he's walked had pits and walls causing him many trips and a number of falls.

But he didn't stay down, no, not for long, the man I know with a heart of a lion.

He triumphantly defeated them one and all. 

But now's he's facing perhaps his toughest of call - his deepest pit and highest wall. 

This man I know, with the heart of a lion, is brave and strong.

He will face this foe valiantly head on. 

However, It's important to me to let him know, he's not alone in this. With him I go. 

And so do others that know this man, the man who walks with a heart of lion.  

For along his path he's given to others treating them as his own sister or brother. 

And this is what I have come to gleam from the man who has the heart of a lion;

Whether or not you are dealing with strife, what you put in you get back while living your life.

The moments in a pit or when climbing a wall present an opportunity for you to be an example to all. 

The world needs more of that, and more people in it, like this man, the man I know with a heart of a lion.  


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